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Drone-in-a-box Solutions For All

We are global leaders in drone aerial autonomy. Encompassing hardware, software, and autonomous drone battery-swapping solutions.

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Most versatile drone station. Battery-swapping drone nest.  4+ Drones compatibility.


The Atlas

Battery-swapping drone nest for Heavy Payload UAS. Houses 8 batteries for more than 2,000 cycles. DJI M300 & M350 compatibility.​

Available now

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Mobilized. Our Drone Stations enable portability, promote a wide range of coverage, and decrease response time.

Available now


Analyzes drone footage. Provides insights.

Takes action.

Coming soon

The Global

The foundation of our operations. Explore its history and influence on our new products.

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Hextronics Develops Products for Local, State, and Federal Governments

"Eyes in the sky" for industries that depend on superior visual awareness that can be managed from across the planet.

Revolutionizing Visual Awareness.

We benefit diverse industries with our portable solution, providing seamless access to real-time aerial perspectives globally. 

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"Through a wide range of partners and distributors, we are able to build a team capable of rapid iteration, quick problem solving, and global support."

Curt Lary, CEO

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