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About Hextronics

Enabling Aerial Autonomy

We are the world leader in enabling drone aerial autonomy through robust drone-in-a-box platforms, including hardware, software, and autonomous battery charging and swapping technologies.

Our Story

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In 2020, Hextronics took place when Curt Lary, CEO, during his engineering studies at Georgia Tech, conceptualized the idea. Coinciding with the beginning of the pandemic, Curt's early graduation allowed him to return to Miami and commence the development of Hextronics in his family's garage. Since those humble beginnings, Hextronics has grown into a core team of 25 talented individuals, supported by over 50 consultants and contractors. Curt emphasizes, "I truly aspire for Hextronics to contribute to the hardware development that propels the Miami tech ecosystem forward."


In 2021, Curt Lary established Hextronics as a Miami-based company with a unique concept—a drone battery swapping, charging, and launching station. Think of our system as a home for your drone. "You say 'launch' and it sets off, capturing extensive video data, which is then analyzed by automatic algorithms" explains Curt.

We are actively exploring a range of use cases. For instance, in agriculture, our solution helps corn farmers analyze their crops from a bird's eye view, identifying regions with insufficient water or pest infestations. We also cater to public sector applications, allowing police departments to monitor situations remotely while keeping their personnel at a safe distance. Similarly, construction firms can leverage our system to monitor construction sites in real time.


Hextronics' stations are built to withstand various weather conditions and can operate in temperatures as low as -5°F and as high as 120°F. With minimal downtime, our stations facilitate battery swapping in less than six minutes. Furthermore, our systems are seamlessly connected to the cloud and can utilize WiFi, ethernet, or cellular data for efficient operations. Currently, we collaborate with enterprise drone automation platforms, focusing on the hardware aspect while leveraging the expertise of our software partners.


Our primary objective is to enable continuous operations and achieve true Aerial Autonomy, making our platform the ideal choice for automating drone operations. We are proud of our ability to cater to diverse drone hardware requirements, ensuring that our Partners and Customers receive exceptional support. By focusing on the production of Autonomous Drone Hardware, we are laying a strong foundation to continually enhance our products. Our unwavering commitment lies in achieving 100% autonomy, which is the core of what we do.

Join us at Hextronics as we leverage the world of drone aerial autonomy. 

Together, we will redefine possibilities and empower businesses with seamless automation.


Meet The Team


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