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Global Advanced

Product Description

Hextronics Drone stations are reliable, rugged, and are built for 24/7 operations. Paired with the FlytNow Auto+, users can automate their drone operations from anywhere in the planet, day or night. 

  • Ingress Protection: IP55 (pending)

  • Operating Temperature: -35°C to 50°C

  • Surge Protection: 40kA

  • Backup Battery: 3 Hours

  • Maintenance recommended every 3 months


Remote Access and Control

Users can remotely create/schedule missions, create flight paths, and precisely land day or night. The video footage collected during the mission are stored directly in the user's cloud and can be accessed later for further analysis.

Minimal Downtime

The unique robotic battery swap takes two and a half minutes, allowing users to be back in the air within 5 minutes. 



The sleek and rugged aluminum body ensures corrosion resistance and durability. 



The Atlas is the most powerful Drone station for industrial use in the drone market. Users require- access to power and internet, drone, drone batteries, and the login credentials to begin the setup process.




  • Product Name: Global Advanced

  • Total Weight: 120 lbs || 54.5 kgs

  • Dimensions: 30” x 30” x 13” || 0.76m x 0.76m x 0.33m

  • Exterior Material: Insulated and Anodized Aluminum

  • Exterior Temperature Range: -20ºC :  50ºC || -5ºF : 120ºF

  • Internal Regulated Temperature: 10ºC :  35ºC || 50ºF : 95ºF

  • Radio Frequencies: 2.4000-2.4835 GHz, 5.725-5.850 GHz

  • Input Power: 110VAC/240VAC || 50-60 Hz.

  • Max Power Consumption: 1000W


  • Compatible Drone: DJI Mavic 2 series- Pro, Zoom, Enterprise, Enterprise Advanced, Dual

  • Drone Battery: Lithium Ion Polymer

  • Number of Drones Accommodated: 1

  • Battery Storage and Charging: 6 Sequentially Smart Charging at 110 min



  • Max Operable Wind Speed: 15 knots

  • Max Unobstructed Flight Radius: 2.5km

  • Operating Area: 16 sq km

  • Max Flight Speed: 15 m/s (34 mph)

  • Max Flight Time: 30 minutes

  • Max Power Consumption: 500W


API Communication

  • Ethernet / 4G LTE / WIFI

Internal Environment Regulating System

  • Operating Voltage:  400W

  • Cooling System: Compressor Based HVAC System

  • Heating System: Thermoresistive 200W


Backup Battery

  • Battery Capacity:  25.9V/5Ah

  • Output Voltage:  24V

  • Battery Type:  Lithium ion

  • Backup Battery Life: > 3 hours

Supported Sensors

  • Weather Sensor

  • Water Immersion Sensor 

  • In-cabin Temperature Sensor 

  • In-cabin Humidity Sensor 

  • Vibration Sensor 

Integrated External Security Camera

  • Resolution:  1920×1080

  • Field of View (FOV):  180° Fisheye Lens

Lightning Protection

  • AC Power Port: 

    • 20 A rated current

    • 500V Operating Voltage

    • <1mΩ contact resistance

    • IP65/IP67 Protected

    • Easy locking 

  • Ethernet Port: 

    • RJ45 Connector Type

    • 10 gigabits_per_second

    • IP67 Protected

Supported Software

  • Flight Software: FlytNow Auto+

  • Conduct Patrols Autonomously: Monitor drone operations, conduct pre-programmed missions, and view HD video feed in real time.

  • Video Recording/Uploading: 4K Quality, Cloud Storage 

  • Precision Landing: Enable UAV to autonomously maneuver itself and land onto the drone charging station with centimeter-level accuracy. 

  • Precision Landing Range: +/- 15cm 

  • Precision Landing Reliability: 99.99%

  • Remote Control and Access: Control the opening & closing of the station, view telemetry and trigger auto-swapping. 

  • Safety Failsafes: Battery percentage return to docking station, Anti-collision sensors, Weather monitoring failsafes, Geofence limit, loss of connection-go to safe location.


Expansion Capability

  • Open Protocol:  Open API

  • Edge Computing: Internal power supply, data interface, and installation space

Codes and Certifications

  • HS Code: 8543700000

  • Weather Resistance: IP 55 

  • Certification: UL & CE 

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