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Boosting Productivity and Efficiency in Industrial Drone Operations

In a recent study, it was found that the use of drone technology can increase productivity by up to 50%.

With Hextronics Atlas 300 capabilities, drone operations can reach high levels of efficiency, translating into significant time and cost savings for businesses 

Hextronics has introduced a powerful and reliable battery-swapping drone station for heavy-duty operations, The Atlas 300. With the capability of housing eight batteries, The Atlas 300 has completed over 5000 cycles and counting, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum productivity. The station is designed to tackle the toughest enterprise-level challenges with various compatible payloads, making it an ideal choice for industries such as construction, agriculture, and logistics that require large drones for aerial inspections, mapping, and data collection. One of the key features that make The Atlas 300 stand out from other drone stations is its quick battery-swapping capability. The station can switch out batteries in less than 6 minutes, allowing drones to return to the skies without any significant delays. With the AC cooling system, the station can also operate in a wide range of temperatures and harsh weather conditions, ensuring continuous operations, even in the most challenging environments.

Moreover, The Atlas 300 has a precise landing capability, with 17cm of radial landing error recovery, ensuring safety and accuracy. This feature makes it easier for drones to land accurately, reducing the risk of damage and minimizing downtime between missions. The station's durable and portable design makes it easy to transport and deploy in various locations, providing flexibility to drone operators.

The Atlas 300 compatibility with DJI M300 and various payloads, such as thermal cameras and LiDAR sensors, allows for a wide range of applications. This flexibility provides drone operators with more options to customize their drone operations, increasing efficiency and productivity.

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