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Cattle Quants Acquires The Hextronics Atlas

Cattle Quants gains access to innovating drone-in-a-box technology with Hextronics

In a significant development, Cattle Quants, known for simplifying cattle counting through drone technology and AI, has acquired The Hextronics Atlas M300. Cattle Quants, with its new approach to cattle counting and AI, has recognized the potential of our technology. Their acquisition of Hextronics showcases their dedication to advancing drone technology and harnessing its potential across industries. Shoshana Ginsburg, PhD & Chief Technology Officer at CattleQuants, quoted on LinkedIn: "I am thrilled to share this video of one of our first fully autonomous flights at Five Rivers-Kuner Feedlot in Colorado. A huge shoutout to Manmohan (Manny), our PIC; Tony, Tanner, Josh, Abe, Aly, Brad, Bo, Zach, Nick, and the entire 5R Team for all your help getting set up; and Christopher, Shaun, and the entire Hextronics team. In this flight we fly the Matrice 300 with an H20T sensor for simultaneous acquisition of optical and thermal imagery."

Designed to handle the toughest challenges, The Atlas has eight batteries, ensuring over 2000 cycles with minimal downtime. The compact design, featuring our Rotor Folding technology, allows for easy transportation. With DJI M300 compatibility and an array of features such as level landing platforms, precise landing capabilities, A/C cooling, and versatility with various payloads, The Atlas is the powerhouse in the world of drones. This partnership opens up exciting possibilities for both companies. Cattle Quants gains access to innovating drone-in-a-box technology, while Hextronics finds new industries for its products. Together, we're set to lead the way in utilizing drones and AI for a range of applications, from cattle counting to industrial inspections and more.

Hextronics is proud to have it's technology recognized by Cattle Quants, and we look forward to this new era of collaboration and innovation. Congratulations to Cattle Quants on this forward-looking acquisition; we can't wait to see where this journey takes us!

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