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Turning heavy-duty drones autonomous - Curt Lary's Interview with Builder Nation

"As global pioneers in drone aerial autonomy, Hextronics is revolutionizing the way we see the world from the skies with their amazing, drone-in-a-box automation solutions." - Builder Nation

Recently, Builder Nation's Sam Ávila had the opportunity to sit down with Hextronics CEO, Curt Lary, to discuss the latest developments in drone technology and innovation. The interview provided valuable insights into Hextronics' work and its impact on various industries. Watch the full interview in the video below or read Builder Nation's article by clicking here.

Expanding Possibilities

During the conversation, Curt highlighted two of our core products, the Atlas and the Global, which exemplify the potential of modern drone technology.

Diverse Applications

One of the most intriguing aspects of the discussion was the multitude of applications for Hextronics' products. From cattle counting to anti-poaching initiatives in South Africa, our drone in a box solutions have proven their versatility across different industries.

The Strength of Collaboration

Hextronics succeeds through collaborations with solution providers specializing in various sectors. These partnerships are key in extending the reach of our innovative drone technology and making a positive impact in agriculture, public safety, and beyond.

Guidance for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Curt had some valuable advice for young entrepreneurs and engineers embarking on their careers. He emphasized the importance of passion and commitment to their vision, encouraging them to drive positive change.

Stay Connected

Hextronics maintains a strong presence at events, expos, and award ceremonies. Stay updated on our latest developments by connecting with us through our website, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Look out for the our team if you're attending industry events.

In Conclusion

We hope this interview provides a clear understanding of Hextronics' role in the world of drone technology. Our dedication to driving innovation and shaping the future remains intact in this rapidly evolving field. This interview was brought to you by Builder Nation, the community of Hardware leaders developing world-changing products, and sponsored by ControlHub, the purchasing software for hardware companies.

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