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Frequently Asked Questions

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What's included in the $19,999 price of the product?

  • The station, battery swapping mechanism, WIFI/Ethernet/4G capabilities, Temperature control for environments from -20 F to 120 F, Autonomous flight software (FlytNow Auto+)


What is the Range?

  • Safe operating distance is 1 mile, if you are in an open, unobstructed operating environment, such as a wide field, it can be as far as 2 miles.


Flight time?

  • 30 minutes total, keeping a safe 5 minute buffer for takeoff and landing, gives roughly 20 total minutes in the air.


Weather Resistance of the station?

  • Product is built for IP66 weather resistance (withstands harsh weather and heavy rain)


Support for various drones?

  • Currently we support all variations of the Mavic 2 series. We're always looking for the best, most reliable drone on the market to develop for.


Technical Support?

  • A team of technicians will be available for call during business hours. We are also building a network of technicians that can service the box through our affiliate Drone Nerds.


Battery Swap?

  • The full battery swap and power cycle takes just about 2 minutes. We house an array of up to 6 batteries total.


Flight Software?

  • Right now, our main provider is Flytnow because they have developed a reliable precision landing routine. Through them are many APIs available that allow for custom application development. We are not opposed to integrating with another software group, however, we must thoroughly test the precision landing procedure. 


Where to Order?

  • Fill out the google form and you will receive an invoice. 

Delivery Time?

  • Less than 90 days from completing the down payment invoice.

Meantime between servicing a station?

-We recommend servicing every 2000 swaps. This allows for the batteries to be replaced before they reach the manufacturer’s rated lifetime. If running continuously, that is over a month. 



  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty where we will ship out any parts necessary and we will walk you through how to replace them or send out a technician. We’ll also have the option to extend the warranty or upgrade to a new box after the one year period has expired.

How do autonomous missions work?

  • You can schedule missions to fly a pre-planned route at certain times in the day or have it run a series of missions continuously.


How does the station know that it is safe to fly for the drone?

  • Based on the saved GPS data from the home station, the software will ping a weather reporting forecast. If it is currently raining, or will rain within 15 minutes, the autonomous mission will be postponed until clear weather or user intervention.


What can you do on an autonomous mission?

  • You can follow a certain route based on GPS coordinates.

  • You can set a schedule for autonomous missions.

  • You can capture and stream video feed data. 

  • You can record the high quality, 4k, visual data for later use. 


How does Distribution work?

  • We are working closely in the Americas with our distributor DroneNerds. They will help supply the product to distributors across North and South America. 

  • We are looking for dealers. There is a dealership application through our partners Drone Nerds for the Americas, including Canada. We are looking for major distributors and dealers throughout Europe and other continents. 


Indoor Functionality (Can it operate inside a warehouse?)

-Yes, it can operate inside a warehouse as long as there is network connectivity and depending on the make up of the warehouse (if navigating via gps). If not, the drone might have to be controlled manually. 


Do you offer live Demonstrations?

-Yes, starting March we will have live demonstrations once a month via live webinars. There will be more information about it on the website soon. 

International delivery cost and time?

-Typical Delivery with DHL costs less than 2k, and usually arrives in a week. 


Does Hextronics provide support to start up the system?

-Yes, we have support on call and the start up document is provided with the package. 


Will the Drone station support the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise?

-Yes, it does support DJI Mavic. 


Will the drone station support DJI Air 2’s, do we intend on supporting them in the future?

-No, we do not support the DJI Air 2’s at this time. If DJI releases the software development kit for the Airs 2.


Is it possible to stream the data from a  DJI Mavic 2 series drone?



What is the maximum consumption (W) when the 6 batteries are all already charged and the drone is enclosed in the station?

-When the station is idle it consumes less than a 100W and a maximum of 600W. 

Can the station launch two drones?

-No, the station can only launch one drone at a time.


Debris in the landing tray?

-The Landing tray has been specially designed with ventilation slots that ensures no debris is collected in the landing tray. We have also ensured that the Landing Tray does not stay open for an extended period after take off or landing to minimize exposure to elements. 


Can you configure a Private Network Mesh?

-It is possible.


What is the battery swap failure rate?

-We have tested a station and it has swapped 10,000 batteries without any failure. The chances of failure are 0.00001%

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