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Disaster Response

Our drone-in-a-box system plays a vital role in disaster response, providing rapid aerial assessments, delivering supplies to inaccessible areas, and facilitating efficient coordination among rescue teams, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of relief efforts.

Why Hextronics for
Disaster Response?

The first 72 hours after a natural disaster is highly critical.  As first responders work to save lives and minimize damage, they rely on accurate geographic information to coordinate operations.  The more information officials have on the impacted areas, the more effective their response is.  Because drones can be quickly deployed over disaster zones, responders can use them to produce 3D maps, search for victims and assess damaged infrastructure. 

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Damage detection & analysis

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Rescue & Response

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Site Visibility Enhancement

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Unsafe Area Access

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Food and Medical supply delivery

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Complete Situational Awareness (360-degree coverage)

Join us at Hextronics as we leverage the world of drone aerial autonomy. 

Together, we will redefine possibilities and empower businesses with seamless automation.

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