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The Atlas

Battery-swapping drone nest.


Houses 8 batteries - for more than 2,000 cycles.

DJI M300 compatibility.


The Universal

Battery-swapping drone nest.


Most versatile drone station.

4+ Drones compatibility.

Robotic Battery Swapping Mechanism

Remote Access & Control

High Quality Live Streaming

4X Energy Efficient

State of art HVAC System

Minimal Downtime

Weather and tamper proof

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Hextronics manufactures drone stations with a robotic battery-swapping mechanism capable of continuous operations. With a battery swap time of less than 5 minutes and a superior HVAC system, our system promotes battery longevity & reliability. Paired with FlytNow software, it enables users to fly automated/manual missions round the clock.


Aerial autonomy.  Mobilized.  HexTruck is a vehicle mount option for our Drone Stations that enables portability. The vehicle mount allows users to take the station on the go safely, promoting a wide range of coverage and decreased response time.

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Hextronics Atlas 300

The powerhouse for industrial solutions. It houses eight batteries for more than 2000 cycles with less than 5 minutes of downtime. The station is carefully designed to minimize its carbon footprint. Using Hextronics Rotor Folding design, the drone can fit within a much smaller package and is easily transportable.

Hextronics Global

Global Advanced is the most compact system offered by Hextronics. It houses Six batteries and has a downtime of fewer than 2 minutes. The sleek anodized aluminum body ensures the system is corrosion-resistant and capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions.



HexVision is a Computer Vision Platform that aims to extract valuable and actionable data from video footage, in particular from drones, and provide valuable data to clients as well as react to the data.


The HexCargo is a high-quality universal winch system made for heavy-duty delivery, all in a compact form. Compatible with most delivery drones, the HexCargo is currently tailored to fit the DJI M300 drone.  The Hexcargo can safely deliver a tethered package up to 4 pounds from up to 50 feet above ground level. Without landing, the Hex Cargo can autonomously and gently release the box.

Hextronics Develops Products for Local, State, and Federal Governments


  Our tools enable constant, instant and mobile "eyes in the sky" for industries that depend on superior visual awareness that can be managed from across the planet.