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SAN DIEGO — We are excited to share the collaboration between Hextronics and Thorr Enterprise in developing a system for early wildfire detection and prevention.

Thorr Enterprise & Hextronics have collaborated to develop an advanced system for early wildfire detection and prevention


About Thorr Enterprise

Thorr Enterprise LLC is headquartered in the San Diego, California, USA, founded on the aviation passions of three individuals. They provide cutting-edge technology to prevent and protect against devastating wildfires The company’s newly developed Armor Protection System (APS) is the only system in the World that detects early wildfire indications, checks to confirm or eliminate false alarms, and protects the critical area. Chad Delude, Thorr Enterprise’s CEO, is a dedicated Fire Captain with more than 24 years of  experience in the public service sector throughout the US. He has extensive knowledge and expertise of Wildland areas from his participation in multitudes of full-scale campaign fires.

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Thorr Enterprise & Hextronics

When asked about the importance of early detection and mitigation, Chad Delude stated to Fox 5, "Our best chance to save life and property is early detection and early mitigation, and so we work on the earliest detection and the most accurate detection that's out there." Hextronics’drone-in-a-box system enables Thorr to harness infrared, heat-detection, and location data to precisely pinpoint and distinguish whether a heat signature corresponds to a class A fire, (combustible materials such as brush and debris reaching temperatures exceeding 300°F / 150°C. At Hextronics, we are proud to provide the technology that helps organizations like Thorr to make a significant impact on public safety.

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San Diego - Wildfire Detection and Prevention

As an industry leader in intelligent drone solutions, we have partnered with Chad Delude, to create an effective aerial monitoring system that combines our innovative software with the latest drone-in-a-box technology. Our nested drone solutions are changing the way firefighters can detect wildfires with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

During a demonstration in Rancho Santa Fe, the integrated system  showcased its capabilities by the drone being operated remotely and returning to  the drone-in-a-box hardware after thoroughly inspecting a potential wildfire site. 

"We are a wildfire-detection service, but through our drone program, we are able to cover a lot of different instances—hazmat, bluff collapse..."

Delude explained the pivotal role of Hextronics’ technology, “My camera is 80% of what we detect … those are the ones that we can zoom in and we can see that they’re uncontrolled … we don’t want to be sending our precious resources to find that out, so that’s where we activate a secondary system of the drones, to be able to respond to the area, to be able to give it overhead...”, Delude said to Fox, "we are a wildfire-detection service, but through our drone program, we are able to cover a lot of different instances—hazmat, bluff collapse".

Firefighters and experts need this drone-in-a-box technology. We are excited to be leading the charge in this critical advancement.

At Hextronics, we are committed to harnessing the potential of new technology to create a safer environment for communities at risk of wildfires. Our drone-in-a-box technology improves the way firefighters and private landowners detect and prevent wildfires.


Source: Fox Five,

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