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Public Safety

Our drone-in-a-box system enables swift disaster response, efficient search and rescue operations, and real-time situational assessment, enhancing overall emergency preparedness and response

Why Hextronics for Public Safety?

The future of public safety will be characterized by the implementation of drone technology. Search and rescue teams, the police, and firefighters all greatly benefit from the aerial perspective that drones are able to provide. For instance, search and rescue have trouble locating victims over a vast terrain of land by ground. Drones on the other hand, are able to easily fly over vast terrains and can use FLIR cameras which provide thermal signatures that can be used to identify the location of missing people. 


Similar to search and rescue teams, firefighters use drones to evaluate the fire scene so firefighters know what to expect, are able to identify the location of victims, and can fight the fire more effectively. Moreover, police departments are using drones for crowd monitoring and crime scene mapping. 


Using drones to enhance public safety heavily relies on extensive flight time to help locate victims, control fires, or monitor a crowd. Even though drone battery-life constrains flight time, the Hextronics Global Station provides a battery swapping alternative to battery recharging that maximizes time in the air and eliminates the need for a backup drone  to continue the mission underway while the original charges in case of a battery shortage. 

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Event & Crowd Monitoring

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Neighborhood Watch

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Emergency Management

Join us at Hextronics as we leverage the world of drone aerial autonomy. 

Together, we will redefine possibilities and empower businesses with seamless automation.

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