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The Atlas

Battery-swapping drone nest for Heavy Payload UAS. Compatible with the DJI M350 and M300 RTK.

Available now
Lead time: < 8 weeks.

The most rugged
DIAB solution.

Conduct fully automated and routine missions using our battery-swapping drone nest. 

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Houses 8 Batteries - Automatic Battery Swapping

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Landing platform level with the roof 17 cm of radial landing error recovery

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HVAC system

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Less than 6 minutes of downtime

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Wide operating temperature

-20°C : 45°C | -5°F : 115°F

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Rain & dust proof

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remains unaltered

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Truck Mountable - easily moveable with standard pallet jack or forklift

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5 year guarantee

Eliminate downtime and optimize efficiency through seamless battery swap capability.

Remote Control Awaits.

100% remote automated and manual flight controls from any PC or laptop.

Built for critical and customizable/routine missions, Drone as First Responder (DFR), inspections, surveillance, perimeter security, etc. 

Leverage the most powerful sensors available to conquer your missions.
Use Atlas, the Powerhouse for Industrial Drones.
Starting with the DJI M300 and DJI M350.

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