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How Cartogalicia is Enhancing Night Surveillance for Over 250 Companies with Hextronics Aerial Solutions

Remotely accessible via cloud platforms and utilizing 4G/5G LTE, Ethernet, or WiFi connections, the Hextronics Global drone-station has been instrumental in significantly enhancing night security for Cartogalicia's operations. The Global is the foundation of Hextronics' solutions. A robotic battery-swapping mechanism capable of continuous operations.


About Cartogalicia

Based in Spain, Cartogalicia specializes in services with drones, related to inspections, ground surveys, photogrammetry, and volume calculations. To achieve growth as a company, it was proposed to expand the business model, entering the hangar market. These hangars were intended to offer a surveillance system on demand in industrial areas, including real-time AI image analysis.

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Cartogalicia & Hextronics

"Drones play a key role in the evolution of private security and are changing the way many facilities are protected. The Hextronics system is helping us improve our services and offer a complete and highly advanced solution to our clients."

- Cartogalicia Team, August 2023.


"In the field of surveillance, availability, early action, and speed in decision-making [hangars] are essential. Providing air support to ground, security agents can go a long way in preventing intrusions, robberies, or thefts..."

"Using the Hextronics hangar, the equipment is available and ready for use 24/7. In addition, routine missions can be scheduled that can free the ground crew from certain repetitive or unsafe tasks."

- Carogalocia Team, August 2023

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The Use Case Details

Night surveillance of an industrial zone with more than 250 companies is not an easy task for a single security agent. To help and improve these security services, Cartogalicia proposed to the local government the implementation of an unattended drone in The Hextronics Global Nest.

"With this aircraft, night flights allow us to monitor the perimeter and the accesses of the more than 75 acres of surface that this industrial zone covers in a faster and more efficient way than in another vehicle. In addition, with the use of the drone's thermal camera and AI image analysis, possible intrusions or crimes can be detected in real-time." 


Cartogalicia stated the following: 


The use of drones in terms of security represents a great advance in this sector due to the advantages that these systems offer:

  • Wide field of vision and mobility: drones allow the control of large perimeters thanks to the great height they reach and the ease and speed of movement through different spaces. Unlike fixed cameras, which have limited mobility, these flying vehicles can move through any space while covering all viewing angles of the venue.

  • Issuance of images in real-time: The capture of live images is essential to detect any suspicious movement and activate the protocol established according to the case. This factor allows one to quickly notify that a crime is taking place so that the necessary protection measures are taken. Wirelessly they directly send the captured images to a receiving center where they remain registered and stored.

  • Versatility: Because they are remotely monitored, drones can adapt to all types of terrain. They also have night vision which identifies possible foreign objects that may signal an alarm.

  • Low budget: The cost of using drones has decreased significantly thanks to saving resources, space, and time

Aerial Autonomy

"In addition," Cartogalicia's team said, "the benefits of using the Hextronics hangar in these operations are much greater since they allow continuous operation, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thanks to the automatic battery swap. Furthermore, flight missions can be scheduled and a specific area can be monitored at a specific time. All of this from a single platform that allows real-time monitoring in any alert situation or routine operations from anywhere, without putting the physical integrity of any person at risk."

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Summary of Benefits by Cartogalicia


Quick response to an alert


Night vision and image analysis by AI


Risk prevention by avoiding confrontations

Battery Swapping and remote control

"The automatic battery swap feature is an advantage for this type of operation, allowing crew members to dedicate themselves to other tasks and the drone to be 100% unattended. In addition, the equipment is available at all times to continue with the scheduled missions or to act in the event of any emergency due to the automatic charging of the batteries inside the hangar."


"Remote control of the equipment is an advantage because the security company can have a trained agent in a control center dedicated exclusively to the analysis of the images received, being able to take manual control at any time when something unusual is detected. Planning missions ensures that no detail of what happens in the environment escapes, in addition to being a means of deterring those who consider committing a crime."

- Cartogalicia Team

Products Used by Cartogalicia: 

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DJI - Mavic 2

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Hextronics - The Global


Flytbase - Flytnow software

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