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Hextronics Atlas 300

The powerhouse for industrial solutions. It houses eight batteries for more than 2000 cycles with less than 5 minutes of downtime. The station is carefully designed to minimize its carbon footprint. Using Hextronics Rotor Folding design, the drone can fit within a much smaller package and is easily transportable.

Introducing the Powerhouse for

The DJI Matrice 300


Atlas 300

Key Features


  • Landing platform level with the roof 17 cm of radial landing error recovery

  • Houses 8 Batteries- For more than 2,000 cycles

  • Less than 4 minutes of downtime

  • A/C Cooling System

  • Drone remains unaltered

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The Hextronics Atlas 300 Drone station is the largest battery-swapping drone nest offered by Hextronics. With DJI M300 compatibility, this station is designed to tackle the toughest enterprise-level challenges with various compatible payloads. 

Atlas 300 houses eight batteries and offers a battery swap time of under four minutes, ensuring minimal downtime on the ground. Paired with FlytNow Auto,  the drone can precisely land day or night at wind speeds up to 15 knots with its 17cm of landing error recovery. With its rugged and waterproof design and the inclusion of our in-house designed HVAC heating and cooling system, the station can be operated remotely in any condition.

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