Hextronics Global Advanced: 
The Drone Station for All

The Hextronics Global drone station is a robotic battery-swapping mechanism capable of 24/7 operation.  With a battery swap time of under two minutes and a six battery capacity, our system promotes battery longevity ensuring that you always have a reliable flight time.

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Aerial autonomy.  Mobilized.  We'll need to put a little more descriptive teaser text here.  Verbiage should sizzle the product and entice a click.

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Hextronics Atlas 300

Houses 8 batteries for more than 2,000 cycles with less than 4 minutes of downtime.  We would need to add some sizzle text here.

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Computer vision for drones.  Create a detailed report from the video captured by drone.  We would need to add some sizzle type text here.

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Remote Access and Control

High quality visuals

Energy Efficient

Immediate Response

Minimal Downtime


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"Through a wide range of partners and distributors, we are able to build a team capable of rapid iteration, quick problem solving, and global support."

Curtis Lary

CEO, Hextronics